Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supergenia?

Supergenia is an online platform where you can find any talented kid in the world. This is where ‘Supply’ (young global talent) and ‘Demand’ (companies and individuals looking for that talent) meet.

What is Supergenia's story?

Just like any other brave idea, Supergenia was born in a casual discussion between friends. We were talking about the future of education and thinking  ‘What if, there was a place where you could find all talented kids in the world?’ And in that moment –  Supergenia was born.

What is the problem that Supergenia is solving?

Kids, globally, have limited access to education and resources to develop their talent.  All kids are born talented but not all find or pursue it. Today, the birthplace and family conditions still determine the quality of education and access to resources you get. Our mission is to democratize young talent management by connecting parent with resources (schools, sports teams, agents, companies) and helping kids be discovered.

How does Supergenia work?

Think of us as a bridge between the parent and talent resources (schools, sports teams, agents, companies). We help kids be discovered by featuring their profile on our platform. An individual or a company (who has discovered the kid) then helps him/her to grow and develop the talent.

The ‘discovery’ works both ways: parent is searching for the right resource, while the ‘Demand’ side is searching for the talented kid.

Here is how it works:

  • You need to  register and create a profile.
  • Tell us who you are-parent, teacher, coach, mentor, host family or school, other.
  • Tell us who are you looking for – talented kid, school, host family, etc.
  • If you are a company (school, agency, sports team, etc.) make sure to create a profile so a parent can find and get in touch with you
  • Create kids profile. Only parent can create kids profile. You can create as many profiles as you wish.
  • Start searching and connecting
  • Reach out for help. Supergenia is here to help you. Let us know if you are not finding what you need or if we can make an introduction. We would love to help

Who can I create an account on Supergenia?

Any person who is 18+ can create an account on Supergenia

Who can create kid's account on Supergenia?

You need to be a parent or legal guardian  to create a kid profile. Please register on Supergenia, indicate your role and then create kid account (a sub-account under the parent’s main account).

How do I manage kid's profile?

Kid’s profile can only be managed by a parent/legal guardian. Parent/legal guardian updates and maintains all the information on kids profile.

What is the age range of kids to be registered?

Some kids show talent early, others are late bloomers. We think anyone as young as 4 can be features on a platform, while 18 is the upper limit.

What can I search on Supergenia?

You can search for global young talent (kids) or rich out for parent for advice. Maybe you are looking for an organization that your kid could work with, or a coach who can make a difference? They are all here:

• Talented kid

• Parent (who has the similar talent experience that you are looking for)

• School

• Host family

• Teacher

• Coach

• Mentor

• Company (from different industries working with kids)

• Sports team

• Sports agent

• Talent agent

• Talent manager

What's the difference between finding kids online, versus locally?

Technology is making online work similar to local work, with added speed, cost, and quality advantages.

How does Supergenia make money?

Supergenia charges subscription fee. There are 3 plans – Free, Premium and Agent.

Why is Supergenia the right tool for me?

There is no other platform to bring together all talents from all around the world. If you are looking for a special talent in a particular location with particular skills-the is the place to search. If you are a parent who needs an advice or assistance to help their kid thrive – we are here to help. Reach out with any question and we will get you started!

Can Supergenia team help me to find school in US?

Supergenia is a platform to connect parents with resources, but while we are building this new model of global young talent management, we understand things may not go as smooth as we want. And yes, we will do anything it take to make it work for you.  Let us know what type of school you are looking for and let’s brainstorm together how to find it.